J Beacon
This is the story of J. Beacon, an agnostic research scientist who discovers the missing link between God and humanity through an unlikely encounter with a homeless vagabond. A powerful developer in the fields of artificial intelligence and robotic engineering has commissioned Beacon to bring back solid evidence that a parallel universe is operating alongside our own universe. In his quest for truth, Beacon becomes obsessed with Jesus’ unbroken trust in his Father in heaven. The more Beacon learns about this relationship between love and faith, the more he’s convinced that the love of the Father shown through the faith of His Son points to a beautiful bond between God and humanity that holds together our entire universe.
Science fully understands the four fundamental forces of our universe and the relationship between atoms and particles. What the scientist doesn’t see is the hand of the designer operating behind the scenes. Beacon believes that the faith of Christ provides a clue to a missing link to an unknown relationship between the physical and the spiritual.
Although this story is fictional, the science behind it is real and matches what theoretical physics has already confirmed. The verses that point to the faith of Christ appear in the Bible and have been confirmed as theologically sound according to literal interpretation of the Bible.

Table of Contents

A Grain of Rice

An Urgent Request

The Wind

Wind, Come Back!

The Pamphlet

The Quest for Faith Begins


Evangelist for the Faith

The 52 Word Experiment

Queen of Spades

The Speech

Reponse from Beacon's Piers

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Obsessed with Faith

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